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Hormone Therapy May Be An Option For These Cancers

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When you think about the treatment options that are available for those who have cancer, it's likely that you think of chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery. One or more of these forms of treatment can be viable for many different types of cancers, but there are some cancers for which an additional treatment option may be suitable. If you unfortunately receive a cancer diagnosis, you can expect that your doctor will outline what treatment options will be best for you. Hormone therapy is a treatment that may be effective if you've been diagnosed with one of these types of cancer.

Prostate Cancer

Although prostate cancer is serious, it's usually very easy to successfully treat if caught early enough. Most cases of prostate cancer aren't overly aggressive, which means that your prognosis can be good with the right form of treatment. Many doctors will recommend hormone therapy for prostate cancer patients. This treatment is designed to slow and/or stop the growth of the cancer cells in your prostate. Your doctor may recommend beginning with hormone therapy and seeing how your cancer responds to it. Often, this form of treatment will be all that you'll need.

Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is a type of cancer that may require multiple types of treatment. Often, women get a combination of chemotherapy and radiation in an attempt to shrink the cancerous growth in their breast, but a surgical procedure known as a mastectomy may be needed if the cancer is too advanced at the time of discovery or is growing too quickly. In some cases, however, hormone therapy can be an effective treatment option for cases of breast cancer. This approach is most common in early-stage breast cancer. Given that men can also suffer from breast cancer, this type of treatment may be an option if you're a male who has received this diagnosis.

Uterine Cancer

Although hormone therapy is common in certain cases of prostate cancer and breast cancer, it may also be effective as a treatment option for other forms of cancer. Uterine cancer is a disease that can respond well to hormone therapy. There are various scenarios in which your doctor may recommend this treatment. Hormone therapy alone may be sufficient for treating early-stage uterine cancer. Alternatively, your doctor may put you on hormone therapy after you've had another form of treatment for this type of cancer. Learn more about hormone therapy and other cancer treatments by talking to your doctor.