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Three Treatment Options To Consider For Phimosis

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If you suffer from phimosis, you might initially feel embarrassed about bringing this condition to the attention of a medical professional. It's important to overcome any feelings of embarrassment that you have, however, so that you can get the help you need. Phimosis is a condition in which your foreskin is so tight around the end of your penis that it does not retract as it should. There are several complications that result from this condition. Not only can it be quite painful, but it also prevents you from properly cleaning beneath the foreskin—which could cause various health issues. See your family doctor or a urologist to discuss your condition and learn about these treatment options. 

Manual Retraction

If your medical professional assesses your body and determines that your phimosis is very minor, they might start by recommending manual retraction as a treatment option. This treatment will require you to retract your foreskin with your hand several times a day. Think of it as a daily self-care routine, not unlike brushing your teeth or bathing. Setting some time aside to perform this retraction—perhaps after a shower or bath, when your skin is softer—may lead to some positive results. If you find this difficult, however, you can discuss additional treatment options with your medical professional.

Steroid Cream

The severity of your phimosis will influence what treatment option your health care professional deems appropriate. In moderate cases, a prescription for steroid cream can be a help. You'll learn how to apply this cream to the foreskin area for a specific amount of time. The cream will help to soften the skin, which will allow it to retract without causing you pain. This is an ideal treatment method because it's noninvasive and you can do it yourself at home.


It's possible that your medical professional will recommend that surgery is the best course of action for treating your phimosis. This will often be their suggestion if your case of phimosis is particularly severe. The surgery for this condition is circumcision, which will involve removing your foreskin so that you no longer have to worry about its tightness around the end of your penis. While the majority of circumcisions occur when a child is an infant, this is a surgical procedure that can also take place among adults, often when someone is suffering from a condition such as phimosis.

Contact your doctor to learn more about phimosis foreskin stretching.