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3 Reasons Temperature Scanning Kiosks Are Still Relevant For Event Planners

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As most of the world works towards moving COVID mitigations to the background, it's easy to forget that public health is still a significant issue for areas where large crowds gather. While hand sanitizing or hand washing stations can help with hygiene, they can't do much to prevent diseases that spread as airborne particles or droplets.

In most cases, the best way to prevent the spread of these diseases is through prevention, and that means identifying risks as early as possible. Even if you don't plan to put any other special health and safety protocols in place for your event, here are three reasons you should still strongly consider using a temperature screening kiosk to protect your guests.

1. Reduced Staffing Issues

Worker shortages are a top concern for many businesses across the country, resulting in organizations often running with reduced staffing. As a result, even a handful of workers calling out sick can become an issue. If you're running a major event, it's probably an all-hands-on-deck situation, so losing a handful of employees can quickly go from a minor problem to a major disaster.

While health screening can protect your guests, it will also protect your employees. By checking guests for their temperature as they arrive, you reduce the likelihood that your employees will become sick during your event. For multiple-day events, this protection can be the difference between maintaining consistent staffing levels or facing severe shortages.

2. Better PR

While COVID may not be a major concern anymore for many people, it's still newsworthy when major outbreaks occur at large events. Basic precautions such as vaccine requirements or rapid tests can help, but they aren't always enough to catch infectious individuals as they arrive. Unfortunately, it often only takes a few sick people to spread a highly infectious illness to many attendees.

The small added expense and time of performing health screening can pay dividends in better public relations. Since you're more likely to avoid a significant outbreak, you won't risk your organization suffering blowback due to inadequate health and safety measures. Even better, people will be more likely to trust your organization to keep them safe for future events.

3. Faster and More Convenient Screening

Temperature scanning kiosks are some of the fastest and most convenient options for health screening, especially when dealing with large groups. These kiosks require less employee time and training compared to handheld scanners, and they'll allow you to permit entry for guests much more quickly and efficiently.

Most importantly, your guests won't feel inconvenienced by a technology that allows for a quick check before entry. This speed allows you the best of both worlds: efficient health screening and an easy and unobtrusive process for your event's attendees.

To learn more about temperature scanning kiosks, reach out to a retailer near you.