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How Neuromodulator Injections Can Help The Furrows Between Your Eyebrows

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Everyone develops facial wrinkles in their own way. Heredity, sun exposure, smoking, and habitual expressions play a role in where wrinkles form on your face and how deep they become. Glabellar lines are fairly common as you get older. These are also called the eleven lines since they look like two straight lines next to each other between your eyebrows.

These lines form after years of facial expressions that cause the lines to form as your eyebrows and forehead move. Here's how a med spa might help smooth out your eleven lines with botulinum toxin injections.

The Injections Stop Muscle Movement

Facial Botox is known as a neuromodulator because it contains botulinum toxin that paralyzes the muscle that it's injected into. The paralysis stops the muscle from moving and making the deep lines between your eyes when you make certain facial expressions. Stopping the movement keeps the space between your eyebrows smooth and prevents further deepening of the wrinkles.

Botulinum Toxin Is Used On Dynamic Wrinkles

Your face has two basic kinds of wrinkles. Dynamic wrinkles appear with facial movement that accompanies facial expressions. These are the wrinkles that neuromodulators work well on. The other type of facial wrinkles are static wrinkles, and these are always present, even when you're not smiling or frowning.

Eleven lines might eventually become static wrinkles and require a dermal filler such as hyaluronic acid. That's why you might want to consider starting facial Botox injections when wrinkles start forming so you can prevent or delay them from becoming permanent.

The Injections Work For Several Months

Botulinum toxin injections aren't permanent. They eventually wear off, and when that happens, you'll need more injections to keep the lines away. Your dermatologist will recommend the best schedule for your injections so you can maintain your wrinkle-free appearance.

You Can Have Your Face Numbed First

If you have a high pain tolerance and want to speed up the length of your appointment, you can avoid using numbing cream. However, if you feel more comfortable having your face numbed in the area being treated, then you'll need to allow several minutes for the cream to be applied and start working before you can be given the injections.

A small needle is used, so the experience isn't too painful to even without the cream. You might need multiple injections, and the entire procedure should be over in several minutes if the eleven lines between your eyes are the only area being treated. However, botulinum toxin can be used on wrinkles around your eyes and your lips too.

For more information on Botox injections, contact a professional near you.