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5 Ways To Improve Participation In Voluntary Workplace COVID-19 Testing

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Does your business encourage regular and routine COVID-19 testing of employees? While most employers don't require this to be done, it does benefit the employer, employees, and customers. But how can you improve uptake of COVID-19 testing when it's voluntary? Here are a few tips for any size or type of employer. 

1. Make It Free. One of the best first steps to getting more testing buy-in is to make the tests freely available to everyone. While households can get a limited number of free tests from government sources, don't rely on this if you want ample testing done by employees. Provide clear direction on how to get tested for free, provide paid time to do so, and help people understand the testing process. 

2. Set an Example. Owners and management set an example for employees — either a good example or a bad one. If you participate in regular as well as event-specific testing — and do so publicly — employees will see that. This makes them more likely to follow management's example. 

3. Discuss Concerns. Don't make your COVID-19 testing policy one-sided. Instead, talk with workers throughout the organization about their concerns. How do they feel about regular testing? What about testing in the workplace vs at home? What would help them test more often? Which areas of the workplace have more exposure? How can everyone help protect vulnerable employees? Inclusion increases buy-in. 

4. Plan for Time Off. Throughout the pandemic, some people have been reticent to test for the disease because they fear having to take time off or the disruption in their lives. Combat this hesitancy by drafting employee policies that encourage people to stay home when they're sick. Include financial incentives whenever possible. 

5. Target Specific Triggers. Rather than ask hesitant employees to test continuously, consider asking them specifically to test under certain conditions. You may ask for testing before crowded events or large gatherings. Employees might test before and after personal or business travel. Or a test may be requested before meeting in person with clients. A compromise could boost willingness to participate. 

Where to Start

As mentioned, one of the first steps of a good employee COVID-19 testing scheme is to provide free tests for your workers. Start by speaking with testing providers in your area about their workplace programs. No matter how many tests you need or on what schedule, a provider is ready to help you keep everyone safe. Call today to learn more. For more information on a COVID-19 test, contact a professional near you.