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A Few Tips To Start You On Your Portions Control Training

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Losing weight is never an easy endeavor. Many people struggle with it for years and still do not reach their goals. Some will have success only to gain all the weight back once they start eating the foods they cut out. However, if you can control the portion sizes of what you eat, you can enjoy the foods you like the most and still lose weight. You may want to consider joining a portion control training program to help you reach your goal and teach you tricks to keep yourself from overeating. Here are a couple of tips to get you started.

Smaller Plates

Many people have been taught to clear their plate at dinner time even if it causes them to be uncomfortably full, They have also been taught to believe you need to fill the plate for a good, filling meal. If they see a large dinner plate with only normal-sized portions on it they go into the meal feeling they are going to be left hungry and will add more food themselves. A good way to beat this is to use smaller plates. Instead of setting the table with large dinner plates, use salad plates. This way, your brain will be tricked into thinking you are getting a large portion instead of a smaller one that fills the plate better.

Smaller Portions

When you go out to eat, ask for the child-sized portion of a meal. If the restaurant normally only serves these meals to children under a certain age, explain to the waiter or hostess why you need the smaller portion. If they still refuse to serve it to you ask to have half of your meal put into a bag before bringing it to the table. If your dinner partner is also trying to lose some pounds or maintain their weight, you could also share your meal with them. 

Once you are used to looking at smaller portions on smaller plates it will be easier to know how much to eat. However, it is still a good idea to find a portion control training program to help you learn other ways to keep your meals at the appropriate amount. In addition, the people who run the program and anyone who is attending with you will be a big help with motivation. It is almost always better to have people supporting you in your weight loss endeavors.

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