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Pregnancy Care Tips For Moms-To-Be Of Multiples

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Learning you're pregnant with multiples can bring about some mixed emotions. Of course, you are thrilled that you'll be welcoming not one, but two, three, or even four babies into this world. But you're probably a little apprehensive about the extra stress this pregnancy and birth will place on your body. The good news is that there are multiple professionals and resources out there that can offer you the additional support and care you need as a mom-to-be of multiples. Here are some suggestions to help you best take advantage of that care.

Work With a Midwife

Working with a midwife can be beneficial even for moms-to-be of singletons, but it's especially important for moms with multiple pregnancies. With two or more babies, you're going to have more symptoms that you're not sure are normal, more questions that come up, and a need for increased medical screening. A midwife can be an invaluable resource to guide and support you through all of this. They'll work both as a medical professional and as a supportive friend-figure, which you will definitely need if you don't have any friends or family members who've had multiples. A midwife can also work with you on your birth plan, which is really important to have with a multiple birth since the babies tend to come early and are more likely to arrive with complications. 

Have Biweekly Checkups

Some OBGYNs require biweekly checkups for moms with multiples. Others simply recommend them. If your OBGYN leaves this option open for you, take it. While driving to the doctor every two weeks may sound like a lot, you will get so much out of these more frequent visits. You'll get more frequent reassurance that everything is okay, and if there are any issues, they'll be caught earlier.

Work With a Dietitian

As a mom-to-be of multiples, you are at an increased risk for certain conditions including preeclampsia and gestational diabetes. A good diet can help reduce your risk of these conditions, but eating the right things during pregnancy can be really hard. Working with a dietitian can really help. They can recommend foods that are not only healthy, but palatable. They can also give you tips for eating healthy when you're feeling bloated, uncomfortable, and full — which happens pretty often when you're having multiples, unfortunately.

Being pregnant with multiples is a bit more demanding than being pregnant with a single baby, but with the right care and help from professionals, you can have a great pregnancy, regardless. 

Contact a local medical professional to learn more about pregnancy care options.