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Workplace Injuries In An Office Can Happen

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When you spend much of your day sitting in an office, it is hard to imagine that a workplace injury is a threat. Yet, the reality is that people in offices all over suffer injuries, and they do so at a rate you probably do not expect. Fortunately, a visit to a physical therapist can help people work through these sorts of injuries. Learn more about the risks and how therapy can help.

Repetition Can Be Harmful

Doing the same thing over and over is never good for anyone. Unfortunately, the average office worker performs many of the same movements over and over, such as typing on a keyboard. Typing over and over for long periods can lead to a common injury known as carpal tunnel syndrome.

Carpal tunnel syndrome is uncomfortable, and it can affect your ability to maneuver your wrist. However, this condition can often be treated non-invasively through therapy if addressed early on. 

Non-Supportive Furniture is a Problem

It is helpful when employers provide their staff with supportive furniture and gear, such as ergonomically designed chairs and desks. When companies do not equip their spaces with this supportive equipment, they inadvertently increase the threat of an injury to their workers.

For example, a chair with a non-supportive design can lead to a back-sprain injury. In this instance, replacing the chair with a better-designed chair will help, but it is very important to have the strain addressed as well. Fortunately, a physical therapist can assist.

Lack of Movement Leads to Concern

It might seem like the factory worker who is constantly on their feet and moving around the warehouse all day would be at a greater risk for injury. However, the lack of movement that many office workers endure leads to problems too. Sitting in the same position all day can cause minor upper and lower back pain, especially when the lack of moment is coupled with non-ergonomic equipment. 

Back pain can do more than simply serve as a nuisance. The pain can make it hard to concentrate and focus on your work. A visit to a therapist can diagnose the condition and provide you with a list of helpful exercises you can perform during the day to minimize the pain going forward.  

If you have sustained an injury at your job, it is best to have the matter addressed promptly. Visit a physical therapist who can assess your injuries and make a treatment recommendation for you. Contact a physical therapist for more information.