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How A Physical Therapist Can Help You Live Better

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Physical therapists are trained medical professionals who treat people who have sustained injuries or experience other medical conditions that often result in chronic pain and limited mobility. You will likely experience a remarkable improvement in the way that your body functions and feels while going through a physical therapy treatment course. Here are some of the main ways that a physical therapist can help you live better.

Reduce Pain

The techniques that physical therapists use during treatment can reduce pain by alleviating much of the stiffness in muscles and bones. Your therapist will be able to target specific areas where you experience pain to try to offer you the most relief. Pain may be lessened even more from treatment techniques that are intended to reduce inflammation. Special stretching exercises may be used by the therapist to achieve the desired results.

Increase Mobility

If an injury or another medical condition has caused you to lose mobility, physical therapy may be able to help improve your movements and range of motion. You may be able to move your arms, legs, or neck freely once again after physical therapy if your condition caused limited mobility in these areas. Assisted stretches of the piriformis, glutes, and other muscles that are often prone to stiffness and immobility can also be part of your physical therapy treatment plan.

Improve Strength

Physical strength is often lost in certain parts of the body that are affected by a medical condition, and your physical therapist can help you regain strength in these areas. A series of exercises that are customized to your abilities can be included in your treatment. Your physical therapist can help you perform exercises using weights or your own body weight in a safe manner without putting undue stress on your body that could lead to further injuries. 

Prevent Future Injuries

Prevention is often key to avoiding injuries, and your physical therapist will help you take measures to avoid hurting yourself in the future. Physical therapists are knowledgeable in treating and preventing future repetitive strain injuries, and treatment can be especially beneficial for you if you do a lot of typing or exercise with repeated motions. The increase in strength and flexibility that you will also likely experience from your physical therapy can additionally help you prevent future injuries from occurring.

One of the best ways to improve your health if your body has been affected by an injury or illness is to undergo physical therapy with a trained professional. The right physical therapist can help you feel better in more ways than you have likely imagined.