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3 Adjunctive Treatments To Pain Medications

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Strong pain medications can be a necessary part of daily living for many people with chronic pain conditions. Although they can be helpful in allowing you to lead a more productive life, they rarely allow you to live pain-free. Adding other treatments to your pain management treatments can help you with residual pain or even reduce the amount of pain medication you take.

1. Psychotherapy

Going to a therapist or receiving a recommendation for therapy should not be taken as a criticism. It does not mean your pain is not real or caused by mental health concerns. People with chronic pain often need therapy because it is easy for the daily struggles of poor health to lead to depression and anxiety. It is also possible for pain to become exacerbated by depression and anxiety.

Counseling should be an ongoing part of your pain management, so you have a resource to discuss any negative feelings you experience about your condition. For some people, finding the right combination of medications to improve mental health concerns can help them better cope with their physical health.

2. Alternative Therapies

There are an array of alternative therapies that might be helpful for your situation. Depending on your physical condition, some form of physical therapy or exercise might be a good option. It is normal to be apprehensive about physical activity of any form when you deal with chronic pain. Sometimes simple activities like performing seated exercises and stretches might help keep joints mobile and reduce stiffness.

Even if you do not have a condition that directly affects your joints, chronic pain and the increased sedentary lifestyle that may occur can lead to reduced range of motion, bone loss, and muscle atrophy. In addition to physical activities, treatments that incorporate relaxation, such as massage, aromatherapy, or even acupuncture, can also help reduce pain.

3. Find An Outlet

Chronic pain can be debilitating, not only physically, but the way it robs people of enjoyment. Many people who deal with chronic pain may have to stop doing activities they enjoy, whether it was sports or crafting. Try to find ways to incorporate a meaningful activity back into your life, even if it is not the same activity or you need to find a new way to perform the activity. Being creative and productive on your own terms can be a form of pain management.

In some cases, when people are able to become lost in an activity, they may not notice the pain as much. Fortunately, there are many educational resources online that can help you learn a new skill, work with free software, or start playing an instrument.

Trying a combination of approaches to deal with chronic pain is necessary to remain functional and live your best life. Since pain medication rarely knocks-out all the pain, including additional treatments can make you more comfortable. For more information, contact a company like Headache and Pain Center.