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3 Reasons It's OK To Have An Abortion

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Medical abortions are obviously a loaded political topic and for some individuals, there are religious questions to consider as well. That said, you do legally have the right to have an abortion in the United States and while it's something you should clearly think very seriously about before committing to, there are a number of situations where an abortion could make good sense for the potential mother in question. Here are some situations to consider.

Having the Baby Will Make You (and Your Child) Financially Unstable

If your pregnancy was unplanned, you might currently be looking at your bank account and wondering how you are going to make this work. While opponents might say that having an abortion is immoral, others could counter that bringing a baby into a world where you financially can't afford it isn't a great situation either. Why would you want to bring a child into a world where you know it is going to suffer because you don't have the financial backing to take care of it properly?

You Don't Want to Be a Single Mother

There are a number of situations a woman could find herself in where she becomes pregnant but the father of the baby will not be around to help. If the idea of being a single mother terrifies you, abortion might be an appropriate response. In a worst-case scenario, a woman might suffer a rape and have to consider having a baby with this obviously painful history. Or perhaps you just had a one night stand and you're not really sure who the father is. One way or another, if you are not going to have a father figure in the picture to help you with the child, you should take a step back and consider all options.

You Don't Want the Pain of Knowing Your Child is Out There Somewhere

Abortion opponents will sometimes suggest adoption as a viable alternative. Adoption can indeed work but it's not for everyone. If the thought of having a child out in the world somewhere, someone who came from your loins but you might never actually see again is too much to bear, adoption might not be right for you.

Abortion is clearly a loaded topic and this article is not trying to suggest that there are clear-cut answers here. Every situation and person is unique and you need to make a decision for yourself after following the advice of your family, friends and your medical doctor. For more information, reach out to your local abortion clinic, like A Center For Reproductive Services-North Park Medical Group, for support today.