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Age And Breast Enhancement

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A larger, fuller bust is something that many women desire. For those who are looking to change the shape and size of their breasts, there are many different breast enhancement procedures available. There are a variety of factors that can affect breast enhancement. Things like weight, body frame, and even height are factors when it comes to determining which breast enhancement procedures and what type of implants work best for a patient. Another thing that can play a big role when it comes to breast enhancement is age. Here are three things to consider at different ages when it comes to breast augmentation.

Women Under 30

Some women in their teens and twenties do decide to get breast enhancement. However, the younger the woman, the more carefully they should consider enhancement. In some women, breasts do not fully develop until they are in their twenties. Teens may want to put off getting breast augmentation for a few years since there is the possibility that they will continue developing. Teens are also limited when it comes to breast implant type. The FDA has approved saline breast implants for women 18 and older, but the more natural looking silicone implants are only approved for women over 21

Women Between 30 and 50

The average age for breast enhancement is 34 years old. The thirties and forties are often the ideal time to look into breast enhancement. Women are often fully developed at this point and better able to afford the cost of implants which averages $3,708. This is also a great time to address other issues with the breasts including sagging and lack of volume. Another reason between thirty and fifty is a great time to consider breast augmentation is that women in this age group have often finished having children. Breast implants can make it more difficult to breast feed which is why many women are urged to wait until after they are done having children to get breast enhancement.

Women Over 50

Breast enhancement is certainly possible for women over 50; however, there are a few concerns. Mainly women in this age group need to be in good health before undergoing enhancement. Around 4% of all breast augmentations are performed on women between the ages of 51 and 64, while only a little more than 1% are performed on women aged 65 and older. Women in this age group should work carefully with their surgeon in order to make sure they are in good enough health for this type of procedure.

Getting breast enhancement is a great way to improve self esteem. However, age is a factor. Women in their teens and twenties should consider whether or not they are finished developing before undergoing enhancement. For women in their thirties and forties, whether or not they are finished having children is a key factor when it comes to deciding on breast augmentation. For women over 50, the biggest consideration is whether or not they are in good enough health for surgery. For more information, make an appointment with a clinic like Center For Plastic Surgery.