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What Different Services Are Provided By In-Home Caregivers?

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Those who are elderly or disabled often need assistance if they live alone at home. However, it is not always possible for family members or friends to be there to help them at all times. Fortunately, in-home caregivers are available to assist those who need help while living at home. These are some of the different services that are commonly provided by in-home caregivers.

Companion Services 

In-home caregivers provide a variety of different companion services to those who need it. This often includes taking them to doctor's appointments, church, or hair appointments. They may also take those who are elderly or disabled on outings to visit friends, go to the movies or on other recreational outings that they might not otherwise be able to enjoy.

Personal Care Services 

If the resident needs assistance with personal care, this can also be provided by the in-home caregiver. The caregiver often assists with bathing, dressing and toileting needs. If assistance is needed with hair styling, nail clipping or applying makeup, this is also among the available personal care services.

Homemaking Services 

Sometimes homemaking tasks are very difficult for those who are elderly or disabled. However, these can also be performed by the in-home caregiver. This includes housekeeping, doing laundry, preparing meals and shopping for groceries. If the resident needs assistance with mailing out bills or letters, this can also be done by the in-home caregiver.

Skilled Care Services 

There are also licensed professional health caregivers that provide skilled care services to those who are elderly or disabled and live alone in their own homes. A variety of different health care service can be performed, such as wound care, physical therapy, and administering medications and injections.

These services are performed only by licensed, professional caregivers according to the orders of a physician. If the resident becomes ill, the licensed caregiver can also contact the physician to seek further medical care.

There are many benefits of having an in-home caregiver for your elderly or disabled loved one. The services provided by the caregiver gives the resident's family the peace of mind in knowing the resident is receiving the care that is needed.

These services also help residents remain in their own homes instead of having to move to a nursing home or other full-time care facility. With the proper in-home care (from professionals such as those from Accu-Care Nursing Service Inc), it is possible for those who are elderly or disabled to maintain some of their independence while living at home.