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Three Reasons To Partner With A Personal Trainer To Reach Your Fitness Goals

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When you have specific fitness goals, buying a gym membership and making workouts a part of your daily routine can put you on the path to success. Slow results, trouble using the machines correctly and the lack of accountability that develops when working out alone can soon mean that your gym bag is gathering dust. Get back on track by hiring a personal trainer. Partnering with this health professional can breathe new energy into your workouts and put your goals squarely in focus. Here are three important advantages to working out with the personal trainer.

The Right Approach

Personal trainers (like those at Cherry Creek Wellness Center, Inc.) understand your body and how various exercises affect you, which means they'll be able to put together a workout plan that is alignment with your goals. For example, if you're eager to lose weight, your workout regimen would likely focus on aerobic exercise or could include high intensity interval training to boost your metabolism. With a personal trainer on your side, you won't adopt the wrong exercises that won't yield results. For example, many people believe that ab exercises can help them burn belly fat, but this concept is a workout myth called "spot reduction." Skilled personal trainers are also adept at understanding how your body type will adapt to a workout regimen and won't suggest exercises that are beyond your grasp.

Expert Knowledge

If you've ever looked skeptically at an exercise machine and had a feeling that its pulleys, arms and cables might conspire to tie you up and dangle from you the ceiling, partnering with a personal trainer can help. Trainers are experts at using each machine in the gym and will be able to instruct you how to use the machines safely and to meet your goals. Your personal trainer can also steer you toward machines that are highly in alignment with your goals and gently keep you away from machines that aren't as effective as other exercises.

Workout Accountability

Working out alone means that, at some point, you'll face the decision of whether to sleep in, hang out with friends or find something else to do instead of visit to the gym. If you know that your personal trainer is waiting for you to arrive, however, you'll instantly have more workout accountability and will be more likely to follow through with hitting the gym instead of looking for something else to do. Beyond accountability, having someone to speak with during your workouts and hear a little positive feedback can also encourage you to hit the gym.