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4 Downright Unusual Pregnancy Symptoms To Expect During Your First Months Of Pregnancy

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When you first learn that you are expecting, the excitement and anticipation can be overwhelming. However, soon after reality sets in and you are dealing with a range of symptoms from nausea and sudden vomiting to unusual cravings for foods you have never had a desire to put in your mouth before. While pregnancy symptoms are to be expected, there are a few downright odd side effects of housing another human that may come in as a bit of a shock.

1. Super Nose Power

You may already know that something inside of you will trigger a sense of smell like you have never had. However, what you probably do not know is your nose will suddenly become a hypersensitive part of your body that not only can smell everything, but can smell even hints of what things are made up of. It is not uncommon for women to smell a unique odor radiating from the skin of someone who has been drinking alcohol in the past few days or even eating garlic.

2. New Attitude

It is no secret that hormone levels during pregnancy can be crazy. Yet the levels can be drastic enough of a change that you evolve into an entirely new form of female, with an attitude or snappy personality you never knew you had inside of you. Do not be surprised if you catch yourself popping off to random people who irk your nerves or rub you the wrong way.

3. Crazy Vivid Dreams

Whether brought on by the stress of rearing a child or hormonal changes is up for debate, but do not be surprised to snap your eyes open in the middle of the night shaking your head in astonishment at what you just dreamed. Many pregnant women report dreaming things that are so real, they can even feel physical touch in their dreams or smell certain odors.

4. Clingy Child Syndrome

If this is not your first ballgame, one of the oddest symptoms of pregnancy you may not expect is the sudden change in your first child's behavior. The child may become extra clingy and needy like they never can get enough of your attention, even if you have not released the news that you are pregnant. Some cultures believe that children can actually sense that their mommy is pregnant and act accordingly.

Pregnancy is filled with a lot of fun and exciting feelings, but there are some changes that will take place that can be quite unusual. If you are experiencing something extremely odd or bothersome, be sure to talk to your midwife or an obstetrician like George L Stankevych MD. You may be surprised to learn that many strange symptoms are actually not as unusual as you think.