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Laser Cataract Surgery: How Laser Surgery Is Safer Than The Alternatives

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Cataracts are no joke, indeed it may be quite scary to notice that your vision is beginning to fail you as a cataract grows in your eye. While there have been treatment options for years, cataract surgery has always carried some risk. This comes from the fact that ultrasound equipment is used in your eyes as well as the fact that surgeons have to manually remove the lens of your eye and replace it. However, with the advent of laser surgery, it has been found that perhaps there is a safer alternative. Below will be a brief synopsis of why laser surgery might be a better alternative to standard surgery.

Less Energy Directed Into Your Eyes

As mentioned before, during a standard cataract surgery an ultrasound is used to gently break your natural eye lens. While ideally this is safe, complications can arise, such as the eye becoming damaged or inflamed from the ultrasound waves. On average, it is estimated that laser surgery passes 45% less energy through your eye lens which means there is less of a chance of your eye becoming irritated during the procedure. 

Less Cellular Damage During Surgery

While both surgeries are deemed safe, there is slight damage almost always incurred to the eye during standard surgery-- particularly to the endothelial cells in the eye which help to keep the cornea working properly. While damage is usually negligible in standard surgery, there is still damage and endothelial cells do not regenerate once they are destroyed. Laser surgery, on the other hand, does no damage to these cells, leaving less chance for future eye problems and less damage, however small it may be, is important when it comes to a sensitive area like your eyes.

More Precision Leaves More Peace of Mind

The term 'laser precision' was coined for a reason. Laser surgery can perform the microscopic cuts on your eyes with unparalleled precision. This leaves absolutely zero room for error as the whole procedure is handled by a robots unflinching arm instead of a doctors. This precision makes the surgery as a whole almost completely immune to human error, which will allow you to feel absolutely confident in your own safety while having the surgery. 

As time goes on, laser cataract surgery can only continue to evolve until it becomes the go-to for cataract removal. With its safe nature, it is definitely something to consider if you need ever need cataract surgery. Contact a company like Northwest Ophthalmology for more information.