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3 Tips For Naturally Dealing With Seasonal Allergies

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Dealing with seasonal allergies can be miserable. You might feel like you can't go outside, or enjoy normal activities, because anything that you do makes your allergies worse. Luckily, if you are looking for allergy relief there are some things that you can do. Here are 3 natural ways to help with allergies:

1. Eat Locally Grown Raw Honey

One of the easiest ways to deal with allergies is to eat locally grown raw honey. This is because the bees in your area will take small amounts of the allergens and make them into the honey. You then ingest small amounts of the allergens, so that your body can slowly learn to adjust to the allergens. This is simply immunology.

Immunotherapy works just like this. You are injected with small amounts of the allergen, until your body learns that it is not dangerous. You can get the same treatment done with an allergist, but eating honey is cheaper and much easier.

2. Shower Before Bed

You may not realize it, but during the day you get a lot of allergens on your clothing and skin. By just walking outside you expose yourself to the pollen and dust outside. If you don't clean yourself before bed, you will sleep with all those allergens on your body. This means that all through the night you will be breathing in dangerous allergens.

Many people with seasonal allergies report that that they wake up with a sore throat in the morning, and feel miserable in the morning. You can help to cure this by making sure that your body is clean before you sleep. In addition, the steam from the shower will help to clear your sinuses. This will give you the relief that you need so you can sleep peacefully without congestion.

3. Eat More Spicy Food

If you are constantly congested because of your sinuses being irritated from seasonal allergies you should try eating more spicy foods. Many people swear that spicy foods help to clear their sinuses. Many of the active ingredients in spicy foods work to provide temporary relief. They might not be a long-term solution to your allergy problems, but you can get the relief that you need in the moment by eating some sort of spicy food.

If after trying these natural ways to treat allergies you still need more relief, talk to an allergist about some options. They can administer treatment that will help your allergies.

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